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Songs of rest for the weary and workaholic, inspired by Daily Evening Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer. 

"What wonderful work this album represents. The music is interesting, well-performed, lovely…..and spiritual. I pray the Evening (and Morning) Prayer services several times a week and have already added this album to my daily devotions."
- Pam, Pittsburgh, PA

Interested in booking a Folk Evening Prayer concert? Contact Elise for more information.

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"The simple beauty and memorable melodies on the Sunrise EP will encourage you to sing these prayers - which is exactly what Elise intended. Well done!" - Larry Stephan, The Phantom Tollbooth

"The songs on the Sunrise EP are a ray of light with beautiful melodies and scripture-based lyrics. I'm so thankful for discovering the music of Elise Massa, and I look forward to more music from her in the future." - Dave Trout, UTR Media

Interested in booking a Folk Morning Prayer concert? Contact Elise for more information.

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NOV 30, 2022

Congratulations to Resound Worship for being mentioned in Christianity Today's 2022 Christmas Music Playlist! See Resound's website to listen and access resources to "All The Earth Was Waiting" written by Andy Clark and myself. 

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